A Study on Engineering Education based on Cooperation between University and Enterprises

산학협력기반 공학교육모델에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.12.31


Conventional engineering education models have fallen to give satisfactory results to enterprises. So this paper deals with the new engineering education system, Engineering House, to overcome it. EH is made of three spaces and three concepts. Concept means system. Three concepts are things about a education program, a research cooperation, a open-door policy of EH facilities. First of all, Education system for undergraduates is most important of all. We intend to give them chances for real engineering experiences. Specialist from companies are participated in the education. The second is a research network. EH is managed by two or three professors together and their researches are carry out with companies's researcher. Key-point is doing all together. The third is service system for regional enterprises. EH's facilities are opened. Our students and professors are supporting directly. Mainly high price measuring machine is used. Like these, networks with companies are very helpable for undergraduate's educations and job connections. These are the work based learning system. Engineering House system look forward to getting to good program for undergraduate, based on the co-operation between university and enterprises.


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