Applications of Parallel Coordinate Plots for Visualizing Gene Expression Data

평행좌표 플롯을 활용한 유전자발현 자료의 시각화

Park, Mi-Ra;Kwak, Il-Youp;Huh, Myung-Hoe

  • Published : 2008.12.31


Visualization of the gene expression data on a low-dimensional graph is helpful in uncovering biological information contained in the data. In this study, we focus on two modified versions of the parallel coordinate plot. First one is the ePCP(enhanced parallel coordinate plot) which shows "near smooth" connecting curves between axes spaced proportionately to the proximity of re-ordered variables. Second one is APCP(Andrews' type parallel coordinate plot) which is obtained by rotating Andrews' plot that has a form of the parallel coordinate plot. Visualization procdures using ePCP and APCP are given for the lymphoma data case.


Gene expression;lymphoma data;parallel coordinate plot;ePCP;APCP


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