Design and Implementation of Beacon based Wireless Sensor Network for Realtime Safety Monitoring in Subway Stations

지하철 역사에서 실시간 안전 모니터링 위한 비컨 기반의 무선 센서 네트워크 설계 및 구현

  • 김영덕 (대구경북과학기술연구원) ;
  • 강원석 (대구경북과학기술연구원) ;
  • 안진웅 (대구경북과학기술연구원) ;
  • 이동하 (대구경북과학기술연구원) ;
  • 유재황 (SKtelecom Access Network 개발팀)
  • Published : 2008.08.30


In this paper, we proposed new sensor network architecture with autonomous robots based on beacon mode and implemented real time monitoring system in real test-bed environment. The proposed scheme offers beacon based real-time scheduling for reliable association process with parent nodes and dynamically assigns network address by using NAA (Next Address Assignment) mechanism. For the large scale multi-sensor processing, our real-time monitoring system accomplished the intelligent database processing, which can generate not only the alert messages to the civilians but also process various sensing data such as fire, air, temperature and etc. Moreover, we also developed mobile robot which can support network mobility. Though the performance evaluation by using real test-bed system, we illustrate that our proposed system demonstrates promising performance for emergence monitoring systems.


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