Maintenance and Dynamic Behavior of Advanced Spherical Bearings under Railway Open-Steel-Plate-Girder Bridges

판형교에서 개량된 스페리칼받침의 유지보수 및 동적 거동

  • Published : 2008.04.30


Line type rigid bearings for Open-Steel-Plate-Girder railway bridges have several problems in service, and they are unstable structurally. A series of lateral resistance tests were performed for a retrieved line type bearing. A spherical bearing with advanced maintenance-capability and a device to resist the up-lift was developed and replaced the existing ones. An experiment of maintenance for a new spherical bearing under real Open-Steel-Plate-Girder bridge was conducted and their good maintenance performance was proved. Also, a test against up-lift was performed for the bearing. The dynamic behavior of the bridge was measured and analyzed for the two cases of the existing and replaced bearings. Therefore, the suitability of the new spherical bearings on the railway bridge was improved.


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