Electrical and Physical Characteristics of Nickel Silicide using Rare-Earth Metals

희토류 금속을 이용한 니켈 실리사이드의 전기 및 물리적 특성

  • 이원재 (삼성전자(주) 시스템 LSI사업부) ;
  • 김도우 (한국폴리텍여자대학 디지털디자인과) ;
  • 김용진 (매그나칩 반도체 SMS사업부) ;
  • 정순연 (충남대학교 전자공학과) ;
  • 왕진석 (충남대학교 전자공학과)
  • Published : 2008.01.01


In this paper, we investigated electrical and physical characteristics of nickel silicide using rare-earth metals(Er, Yb, Tb, Dy), Incorporated Ytterbium into Ni-silicide is proposed to reduce work function of Ni-silicide for nickel silicided schottky barrier diode (Ni-silicided SBD). Nickel silicide makes ohmic-contact or low schottky barrier height with p-type silicon because of similar work function (${\phi}_M$) in comparison with p-type silicon. However, high schottky barrier height is formed between Ni-silicide and p-type substrate by depositing thin ytterbium layer prior to Ni deposition. Even though the ytterbium is deposited below nickel, ternary phase $Yb_xN_{1-x}iSi$ is formed at the top and inner region of Ni-silicide, which is believed to result in reduction of work function about 0.15 - 0.38 eV.


Ni-silicide;SALICIDE;Work function;Schottky barrier diode (SBD)


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