A Study on the Construction of the Optimum Design Process of Medium Intensity LED Aviation Obstacle Light

중광도 LED항공장애등 등구의 최적설계프로세서 확립에 관한 연구

  • 김성철 (일진전기(주) 조명사업부) ;
  • 장정원 (일진전기(주) 중전기 기술연구소)
  • Published : 2008.01.01


Aviation obstacle lights including controller for the safe night aviation service have applied to high voltage transmission line of which height is from $60{\sim}180 m$, Fresnel lens made by Augustine Fresnel have been applied to light houses, These Fresnel lens were applied to aviation obstacle lights and have been universally used, It was reported that Fresnel lens for aviation obstacle light was used in the first place in Korea in 1987, LEDs have recently been applied to aviation obstacle lights, So, the optimum physical design is essential to the design of aviation obstacle light. In this study, optical and three dimensional modeling of LED module and globe lens were performed, And thermal analysis due to LED thermal source and service thermal condition in high voltage transmission line was performed and was analyzed comparing with experiments, The optimum design process of medium intensity LED aviation obstacle lights was constructed with three dimensional modeling, thermal analysis, and thermal experimental technique.


LED;LED module;Aviation obstacle light;Thermal analysis;Fresnel lens


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