Fabrication and Reliability Properties of Ni-Cr Alloy Thin Film Resistors

Ni-Cr계 합금을 이용한 박막저항의 제작 및 신뢰성

  • 이봉주 (남서울대학교 전자공학과)
  • Published : 2008.01.01


From the progressing results, it was found that thin film using 52 wt% Ni - 38 wt% Cr - 3 wt% Al - 4 wt% Mn - 3 wt% Si target has good characteristics for low TCR (temperature coefficients of resistance) and high resistivity. The optimum sputtering condition was DC 250 W, 5 mtorr, and 50 sccm and the proper annealing condition was $350^{\circ}C$/3.5 hr in air atmosphere. At these fabricated conditions, thin film resistors with TCR values of less than ${\pm}10ppm/^{\circ}C$ were obtained. The TCR of the packaged-samples made at proper fabrication conditions was $-3{\sim}15ppm/^{\circ}C$ after the thermal cycling and $-20{\sim}180ppm/^{\circ}C$ after PCT (pressure cooker test), we could confirm reliability for the thin film resistor and find the need for enduring research about packaging method.


Thin film resistor;TCR (Temperature coefficient of resistance);Reliability


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