Fabrication and Addressing Method of Charged Particle Type Display

대전입자형 디스플레이의 제조 및 어드레싱 방법

  • Published : 2008.01.01


The charged particle type display is a kind of electronic paper showing information images using positive and negative charged particles ($<10{\mu}m$). In this work we used yellow(-) and black(+) particles which are respectively addressed to the cells of a upper and a rear substrate by using electric field. Our independent addressing method has strong points compared to the mixed particle putting method. The packaging with two orthogonal substrates and the aging process is followed by addressing process. The panel is sequentially driven by matrix method for each 4-unit cells. Layers of particles are controlled by barrier ribs and must be addressed to minimum 2 layers.


e-paper;Charged particle;Memory effect;Addressing;Layer control


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