LED Design using Resistor Network Model

저항 네트워크 모델을 통한 LED 설계

  • 공명국 ((주)제네라이트테크놀러지) ;
  • 김도우 (한국폴리텍여자대학 디지털디자인과)
  • Published : 2008.01.01


A resistor network model for the horizontal AlInGaN LED was investigated, The parameters of the proposed model are extracted from the test dies and $350{\mu}m$ LED, The center of the P-area is the optimal position of a P-electrode by the simulation using the model. Also the optimal chip size of the LED for the new target current was investigated, Comparing the simulation and fabrication result, the errors for the forward voltage and the light power are average 0,02 V, 8 % respectively, So the proposed resistor network model with the linear forward voltage approximation and the exponential light power model are useful in the simulation for the horizontal AlInGaN LED.


LED;Resistor network model;Relative quantum efficiency;Electrode disposition


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