SLI, AC Breakdown Voltage Characteristics of $SF_6/CF_4$ Mixtures Gas in Nonuniform Field

불평등전계에서 $SF_6/CF_4$ 혼합 가스의 SLI, AC 절연내력 특성

  • Published : 2008.02.01


Although many studies have been carried out about binary gas mixtures with $SF_6$, few studies were presented about breakdown characteristics of $SF_6/CF_4$ mixtures. At present study the breakdown characteristics of $SF_6/CF_4$ mixtures in non-uniform field was performed. The experiments were carried out under AC voltage and standard lightning impulse(SLI) voltage. Breakdown characteristics were investigated for $SF_6/CF_4$ mixtures when AC voltages and standard lighting impulse voltage was applied in a needle-plane. The needle-plane electrode whose gap distance was 3 mm were used in a test chamber. $SF_6/CF_4$ mixtures contained from 0 to 100% $SF_6$ and the experimental gas pressure ranged from 0.1 to 0.5 MPa. The breakdown characteristics of $SF_6/CF_4$ mixtures in non-uniform field may be influenced by defects like needle-shaped protrusions. In case of slowly rising SLI voltage and AC voltage it is enhanced by corona-stabilization. This phenomena caused by the ion drift during streamer development and the resulting space-charge is investigated. In non-uniform field under negative SLI voltage the breakdown voltage was increase linearly but under positive SLI voltage the breakdown voltage increase non-linearly. The breakdown voltage in needle-plane electrode displayed N shape characteristics for increasing the content of $SF_6$ at AC voltage. $SF_6/CF_4$ mixture has good dielectric strength and arc-extinguishing properties than pure SF6. This paper presents experimental results on breakdown characteristics for various mixtures of $SF_6/CF_4$ at practical pressures. We could make an environment friendly gas insulation material with maintaining dielectric strength by combing $SF_6\;and\;CF_4$ which generates a lower lever of the global warming effect.


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