A Study on the Dielectric Polarization of $ITO/Alq_3/Al$ Structure Organic Light-emitting Diodes

$ITO/Alq_3/Al$ 구조 유기 발광 소자의 유전분극 현상의 연구

  • Published : 2008.01.01


We have investigated dielectric polarization in organic light-emitting diodes using 8-hydroxyquinoline aluminum($Alq_3$) as an electron transport and emissive material. We analyzed the dielectric polarization of organic light-emitting diodes using characteristics of impedance and equivalent circuit of $ITO/Alq_3/Al$. Impedance characteristics was measured complex impedance Z and phase ${\theta}$ in the frequency range of $1{\times}40Hz\;to\;1{\times}10^8Hz$. We obtained complex electrical conductivity, dielectric constant, and loss tangent(tan${\delta}$) of the device at room temperature. And, we obtained the equivalent circuit of $ITO/Alq_3/Al$ through analyzing dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent. From these analyses, we could interpret a conduction mechanism and dielectric polarization.


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