Effects of Mixtures of Tween80 and Cellulolytic Enzymes on Nutrient Digestion and Cellulolytic Bacterial Adhesion

  • Hwang, Il Hwan (EASY BIO SYSTEM, INC.) ;
  • Lee, Chan Hee (Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University) ;
  • Kim, Seon Woo (Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, University of Maryland) ;
  • Sung, Ha Guyn (DAEHO CO., LTD.) ;
  • Lee, Se Young (Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University) ;
  • Lee, Sung Sill (Division of Applied Life Science and IALS, Gyeongsang National University) ;
  • Hong, Hee Ok (Department of Food Service Management and Nutrition, Sangmyung University) ;
  • Kwak, Yong-Chul (CheongJu Feed Mill, Nonghyup Saryo) ;
  • Ha, Jong K. (Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University)
  • Received : 2008.06.12
  • Accepted : 2008.09.13
  • Published : 2008.11.01


A series of in vitro and in vivo experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of the mixture of Tween 80 and cellulolytic enzymes (xylanase and cellulase) on total tract nutrient digestibility and rumen cellulolytic bacterial adhesion rates in Holstein steers. Ground timothy hay sprayed with various levels of Tween 80 and cellulolytic enzymes was used as substrates in an in vitro experiment to find out the best combinations for DM degradation. The application level of 2.5% (v/w) Tween 80 and the combination of 5 U xylanase and 2.5 U cellulase per gram of ground timothy hay (DM basis) resulted in the highest in vitro dry matter degradation rate (p<0.05). Feeding the same timothy hay to Holstein steers also improved in vivo nutrient (DM, CP, CF, NDF and ADF) digesibilities compared to non-treated hay (p<0.05). Moreover, Tween 80 and enzyme combination treatment increased total ruminal VFA and concentrations of propionic acid and isovaleric acid with decreased acetate to propionate ratio (p<0.001). However, adhesion rates of Fibrobacter succinogenes and Ruminococcus flavefaciens determined by Real Time PCR were not influenced by the treatment while that of Ruminococcus albus was decreased (p<0.05). The present results indicate that a mixture of Tween 80 and cellulolytic enzymes can improve rumen environment and feed digestibility with variable influence on cellulolytic bacterial adhesion on feed.


Tween 80;Cellulolytic Enzymes;Cellulolytic Bacteria;Total Track Digestibility;Adhesion


Supported by : Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Republic of Korea


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