Loss of cholinergic innervations in rat hippocampus by intracerebral injection of C-terminal fragment of amyloid precursor protein

  • Han, Chang-Hoon (College of Veterinary Medicine, Cheju National University) ;
  • Lee, Young Jae (College of Veterinary Medicine, Cheju National University)
  • Accepted : 2008.09.01
  • Published : 2008.12.01


The neurotoxicity of C-terminal fragments of amyloid precusor protein (CT) is known to play some roles in Alzheimer's disease progression. In this study, we investigated the effects of the recombinant C-terminal 105 amino acid fragment of amyloid precusor protein (CT105) on cholinergic function using CT105-injected rat. To study the effects of CT105 on septohippocampal pathway, choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) positive neurons were examined in the medial septum and in the diagonal band after an injection of CT105 peptide into the lateral ventricle. Immunohistological analysis revealed that the number of ChAT-immunopositive cells decreased significantly in both medial septum and diagonal band. In addition, CT105 decreased ChAT-immunopositive cells in the hippocampal area, particulary in the dentate gyros. To study the effect of amyloid beta peptide ($A{\beta}$) and CT105 on the cholinergic system, each peptide was injected into the left lateral ventricle, and acetylcholine (ACh) levels were monitored in hippocampus. ACh level in the hippocampal area was reduced to 60% of control level in $A{\beta}$-treated group, and the level was reduced to 15% of control level in CT105-treated group, at one week after the injection. ACh level was further reduced to 35% of control in $A{\beta}$-treated group, whereas the level was slightly increased to 30% of control in CT105-treated group at 4 weeks after the injection. Taken together, the results in the present study suggest that CT105 impairs the septohippocampal pathway by reducing acetylcholine synthesis and release, which results in damage of learning and memory.


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