Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Anti Nutritional Factors and Nutritional Value of Canola Meal for Broiler Chickens

  • Gharaghani, Hossein (Department of Animal Science, University of Tehran) ;
  • Zaghari, Mojtaba (Department of Animal Science, University of Tehran) ;
  • Shahhosseini, Gholamreza (School of Agriculture, Medicine and Industry, Nuclear Science and Technology Institute) ;
  • Moravej, Hossein (Department of Animal Science, University of Tehran)
  • Received : 2008.01.25
  • Accepted : 2008.05.28
  • Published : 2008.10.01


Two completely randomized block design experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of gamma irradiation processing of canola meal on performance parameters of broiler chicks (Ross 308) and protein quality of canola meal. Protein efficiency ratio (PER) and net protein ratio (NPR) were measured as indices of canola meal protein quality. Samples of canola meal were tested for nutritional value after being irradiated at dose levels 10, 20 and 30 kGy. Glucosinolate content was reduced 40, 70 and 89 percent at irradiation dose levels of 10, 20 and 30 kGy respectively (p<0.01). Percent of erucic acid in total fatty acid content increased 44, 58 and 48% as a function of radiation dose (p<0.01). Dose levels did not affect feed conversion ratio (FCR) and body weight gain of chicks (p>0.05). Liver weight was decreased by irradiation dose (p<0.05). The same trend was observed for kidney weights, but this trend was not significant (p>0.05). Gamma irradiation processing of canola meal had no significant effect on $T_3$ level in blood of chickens that consumed canola meal, but $T_4$ level of chicken blood at the 30 kGy dose decreased significantly (p<0.05). PER and NPR were not affected by radiation dose level (p>0.05). Gamma irradiation seems to be a good procedure to improve the nutritional quality of canola meal.


Canola Meal;Gamma Irradiation;Performance;Glucosinolate;Erucic Acid;Chickens


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