Physical Properties of Polymer Impregnated Concrete Prepared using Microwave Radiation

Microwave Radiation을 이용하여 제조된 고분자 함침 콘크리트의 물리적 특성

  • Received : 2008.04.30
  • Accepted : 2008.05.15
  • Published : 2008.06.10


Polymer Impregnated Concrete (PIC) prepared from Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete (OPC) has excellent mechanical properties as well as physico-chemical properties. For the manufacturing of PIC, drying process of basis concrete (precast concrete), impregnation process with evacuation system and ultrasonic vibration system, polymerization process of monomers are essential. Modified microwave reactor using magnetron was used for polymerization of styrene/MMA (1 : 1) impregnated in pore volume of basis concrete. From the experimental results, the degree of polymerization increased up to 30% and more homogeneous PIC was prepared as compared to the conventional thermal method. Also the mechanical strengths increased more than 400% ($800{\sim}1200kg_f/cm^2$) and the resistance for corrosion to acids was improved up to 25%. AIBN and BPO as initiators for polymerization were used at the concentration less than 1%. Optimum conditions for polymerization were obtained at the frequency of microwave of 400 W and 2450 MHz, and optimum reaction temperature was $120^{\circ}C$ at an atmospheric pressure.


Grant : Microwave 및 X-ray를 이용한 고분자 침투콘크리트의 제조 공정개발

Supported by : 건설교통부


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