Power System Nonlinearity Modal Interaction by the Normal Forms of Vector Fields

  • Zhang, Jing (Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST), China) ;
  • Wen, J.Y. (electrical engineering at HUST, China) ;
  • Cheng, S.J. (electrical engineering at HUST, China)
  • 발행 : 2008.03.01


Because of the robust nonlinear characteristics appearing in today's modern power system, a strong interaction exists between the angle stability and the voltage stability, which were conventionally studied insularly. However, as the power system is a complex unified system, angle instability always happens in conjunction with voltage instability. The authors propose a novel method to analyze this type of stability problem. In the proposed method, the theory of normal forms of vector fields is utilized to treat the auxiliary dynamic system. By use of this method, the interaction between response modes caused by the nonlinearity of the power system can be analyzed. Consequently, the eigenvalue analysis method is extended to cope with performance analysis of the power system with heavy nonlinearity. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology is verified on a 3-bus power system.


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