New Method to Quantify the Operation Condition for Zone 3 Impedance Relays during Low-Frequency Power Swings

  • Li, Shenghu (School of Electrical Engineering and its Automation, Hefei University of Technology, China)
  • Published : 2008.03.01


With long time setting, zone 3 impedance relays are considered insensitive to power swings, and their operation condition during power swings is seldom analyzed. Instead of ti me-consuming simulation to the swing loci, their operation condition is directly quantified by polynominal functions in this paper to find the critical swing angle and frequency for relay operation under different relay settings and system parameters. It is found: (1) the swing loci are more densely populated inside than outside of the protection region, which corresponds to long residence time and possible relay operations; (2) the relays may be sensitive to load encroac hments and stable power swings with different relay settings and system parameters; (3) the critical swing frequency may be in the range of low-frequency power swings.


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