Development of Casual MMORPG for Pre-Teenagers -Focus on UI-

유소년층 타깃의 캐주얼 MMORPG 개발 -UI를 중심으로-

  • Published : 2008.02.28


When developing MMORPG targeting pre-teenagers, developer has to consider the users' psychology and physiology characteristics. In the product of endless decision making in the game play, pre-teenagers make improvised choice and make intuitional decision. Therefore, based on users understanding, the Alpha version of online game has been shown and examined its usability through FGI. In conclusion, the game interface integrating with story-telling based leads the users more into the game. Also, it is more important to post in game screen layout by importance of the information or frequency in using In addition, it is inspected that when users control the interface mentioned above, the response had to be quick and precise.


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