Ground Security Activities for Prevention of Aviation Terrorism -Centered on San Francisco International Airport of the U.S.A.-

항공테러방지를 위한 지상 보안활동 -미국 샌프란시스코국제공항을 중심으로-

  • Published : 2008.02.28


With the growth of airline management, as well as computer and IT security, the international trade in this modern society has been rapidly increasing, Along with the advancing, airplanes have become a universal means of communication. However, the complications associated with airplane safety have also been brought up as a result, the most concerning of which is terrorism. One of the main counterplans for preventing terrorism is Ground security activities the core of Ground security activities is absolute safety for passengers in both passenger terminal and freight terminal. Subastral security refers to physical protection, proximity control and 100% security search and freight guarding of the passengers' possessions, and the personnel's duties to perform such jobs are be! coming more crucial. On the other hand, Airport security check has bee n gradually developing since the 1960's, when hijacking began to take place. Although the airports have been providing more safe and comfortable services to their customers, terrorism is still happening today. When Ground security activities is minute, the users feel displeasure and discomfort, yet considering solely their convenience can brings problems in achieving safety. Since the 9.11 terror in 2001, the idea of improving and strengthening airport security was reinforced and a considerable amount of estate is being spent today for invention and application of new technology. Various nations, including the United States, have been improving their systems of security through public services; public police department is actively carrying out their duties in airports as well. In San Francisco International Airport, private police department is in charge of collection of data, national events, VIP protection, law enforcement, cooperation within facilities, daily-based patrol and traffic control. Under guidance and supervision of national organizations, such as TSA, general police department interprets X-Rays, operates metal detectors, checks passports or IDs and observes reactions to explosives. Under these circumstances, studies about advancement of cooperation and duties of general police department and private police department necessitated: especially about private police department and their training for searching equipments, decrease in number of turn over rate, invention of technology and prior settlement in estate for security. The privacy of the public, who make up the major population of airport passengers, must also be minimized. In the following research, the activities of police departments in San Francisco International Airport will be analyzed in order to understand recent actions of the United States on airport security.


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