Emerging Research Field Selection of Construction & Transportation Sectors using Scientometrics

과학계량학적 정보분석을 통한 건설교통분야의 유망연구영역도출

  • 정의섭 (한국과학기술정보연구원) ;
  • 조대연 (한국건설교통기술평가원) ;
  • 서일원 (한국건설교통기술평가원) ;
  • 여운동 (한국과학기술정보연구원)
  • Published : 2008.02.28


With the development of methodologies, there are also the researches for the concrete item selection for selecting the future emerging researches and technologies. In this paper, we use scientometrics for that purpose in the sectors of construction and transportation. In our scientometric analysis, we use Scopus database, top 1% cited papers, bibliographic coupling, cosine coefficient, and hierarchical clustering and then carry additional experts verification on our results. We try to show the detailed process of scientometric analysis and its possibility as objective methodologies to select the future emerging researches and technologies.


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