Effects of the Soybean Powder with Rich Aglycone Isoflavone on Lipid Metabolism and Antioxidative Activities in Hyperlipidemic Rats

고지혈증 흰쥐에서 비배당체 이소플라본 고함유 대두분말의 혈청 지질 대사 영향과 항산화효과

  • 임애경 ((재)대구테크노파크 바이오산업지원센터) ;
  • 정희경 ((재)대구테크노파크 바이오산업지원센터) ;
  • 홍주헌 ((재)대구테크노파크 바이오산업지원센터) ;
  • 오정석 (신화제약연구소(주)) ;
  • 곽정훈 (신화제약연구소(주)) ;
  • 김용해 (신화제약연구소(주)) ;
  • 김대익 ((재)대구테크노파크 바이오산업지원센터)
  • Published : 2008.03.31


This study was performed to evaluate the effects of soybean powder with rich aglycone isoflavone through bio-transformation on lipid metabolism and antioxidative activites in diet induced hyperlipidemic rats. The rats were randomly divided into four groups: NO (basal diet normal group), CO (high fat diet control group), BFF10 (soybean powder with rich aglycone isoflavone 10% group), and BFF20 (soybean powder with rich aglycone isoflavone 20% group). After 7 weeks of BFF10 or BFF20 diets consumption, the concentrations in serum triglyceride, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and atherogenic index ratios were significantly decreased in the BFF10 and BFF20 diets groups compared with those in the CO group. The activities of alanine amino transferase and aspartate amino transferase were significantly decreased in the BFF10 and BFF20 than those in the CO group. Thiobarbituric acid reactive substance levels of serum were decreased in BFF10 and BFF20 groups compared to that of the CO group. The super oxide dismutase activites were increased in BFF10 and BFF20 groups compared to that of the CO group.


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