A New Wire Bonding Technique for High Power Package Transistor

고출력 트랜지스터 패키지 설계를 위한 새로운 와이어 본딩 방식

  • Published : 2008.04.01


This paper describes the design of high power transistor packages using high power chip transistor dies, chip capacitors and a new wire bonding technique. Input impedance variation and output power performances according to wire inductance and resistance for internal matching are also discussed. A multi crossing type(MCT) wire bonding technique is proposed to replace the conventional stepping stone type(SST) wire bonding technique, and eventually to improve the output power performances of high power transistor packages. Using the proposed MCT wire bonding technique, it is possible to design high power transistor packages with highly improved output power compared to SST even the package size is kept to be the same.


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