고순도 1,4-솔비탄을 이용한 비이온 솔비탄 모노스테아르산 합성

Yu, Hwa-Yeal;Ju, Chang-Sik;Moon, Bu-Hyun;Kim, Young-Seok;Lee, Ju-Dong;Lee, Man-Sig

  • 발행 : 2008.04.30


Nonionic sorbitan monostearate have been successfully prepared by esterification using 1,4-sorbitan and stearic acid. 1,4-sorbitan were prepared using D-sorbitol and acid catalyst at solvent-free conditions. The synthesized surfactants were characterized by NMR and FT-IR. We also investigated the effect of temperature, pressure and catalyst on the synthesis of nonionic sorbitan monostearate. The yields of 1,4-sorbitan were 90% at $160^{\circ}C$ under 160 mmHg vacuum, and the yields of nonionic sorbitan monostearate were 92% at $230^{\circ}C$ under 60 mmHg vacuum.


Nonionic sorbitan monostearate;1,4-sorbitan;Surfactant;Esterification


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