Attitude Stabilization of a Quad-Rotor UAV Using a Two-camera Vision System

  • Published : 2008.05.10


This paper is mainly concerned with the vision-based attitude stabilization of a quad-rotor UAV. The methods for attitude control rely on computing the roll and pitch angles of the vehicle from a two-camera vision system. One camera is attached to the body-fixed x-axis and the other to the body-fixed y-axis. The attitude computation for the quad-rotor UAV is performed by image processing consisting of Canny edge and Hough line detection. A proportional and integral controller is employed for the attitude hold autopilot. In this paper, the quad-rotor UAV is modeled by 6-DOF nonlinear equations of motion that includes rotor aerodynamics with blade element theory. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated through 3D environmental numerical simulations.


Quad-Rotor UAV;Attitude stabilization;Vision-based control


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