Efficient Dynamic Response Analysis Using Substructuring Reduction Method for Discrete Linear System with Proportional and Nonproportional Damping

Choi, Dong-Soo;Cho, Maeng-Hyo;Kim, Hyun-Gi

  • Published : 2008.05.10


The dynamic response analysis for large structures using finite element method requires a large amount of computational resources. This paper presents an efficient vibration analysis procedure by combining node-based substructuring reduction method with a response analysis scheme for structures with undamped, proportional or nonproportional damping. The iterative form of substructuring reduction scheme is derived to reduce the full eigenproblem and to calculate the dynamic responses. In calculating the time response, direct integration scheme is used because it can be applied directly to the reduced model. Especially for the non proportional damping matrix, the transformation matrices defined in the displacement space are used to reduce the system. The efficiency and the effectiveness of the present method are demonstrated through the numerical examples.


Substructuring reduction method;Nonproportional damping;Newmark's scheme


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