Light Source Target Detection Algorithm for Vision-based UAV Recovery

Won, Dae-Yeon;Tahk, Min-Jea;Roh, Eun-Jung;Shin, Sung-Sik

  • 발행 : 2008.11.30


In the vision-based recovery phase, a terminal guidance for the blended-wing UAV requires visual information of high accuracy. This paper presents the light source target design and detection algorithm for vision-based UAV recovery. We propose a recovery target design with red and green LEDs. This frame provides the relative position between the target and the UAV. The target detection algorithm includes HSV-based segmentation, morphology, and blob processing. These techniques are employed to give efficient detection results in day and night net recovery operations. The performance of the proposed target design and detection algorithm are evaluated through ground-based experiments.⬊ἀЀ㘱㔻ᴀ偨慲浡捯汯杹⁡湤⁴桥牡灥畴楣猀


Target detection;BWB UAV;Vision-based recovery


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