A Guidance Law with a Switching Logic for Maintaining Seeker's Lock-on for Stationary Targets

Sang, Dae-Kyu;Ryoo, Chang-Kyung;Tahk, Min-Jea

  • Published : 2008.11.30


Modem anti-ship missiles employ complex and sophisticated guidance laws to hit the target and enhance their survivability by executing additional maneuvers. However, such maneuvers may cause the target to move out of the missile seeker's Field-Of-View (FOV). Maintaining seeker lock-on during an engagement is a critical factor for missile guidance. In this paper, a guidance law switching logic that maintains seeker lock-on and a simple guidance law that keeps the target look angle of the seeker constant is proposed. The proposed method can be used for the terminal homing phase, and can be switched from any kind of guidance laws if a proper switching condition is satisfied. The minimum and maximum flight time calculation method in consideration of the missile maneuver limit and the FOV of the seeker is also provided. ∊ꐀЀ㘶〻᐀䍨敭楣慬⁥湧楮敥物湧


missile guidance;seeker's filed of view limit


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