Aerodynamic performance enhancement of cycloidal rotor according to blade pivot point movement and preset angle adjustment

Hwang, In-Seong;Kim, Seung-Jo

  • 발행 : 2008.11.30


This paper describes aerodynamic performance enhancement of cycloidal rotor according to the blade pivot point movement and the blade preset angle adjustment. Cycloidal blade system which consists of several blades rotating about an axis in parallel direction and changing its pitch angle periodically, is a propulsion mechanism of a new concept vertical take off and landing aircraft, cyclocopter. Based on the designed geometry of cyclocopter, numerical analysis was carried out by a general purpose commercial CFD program, STAR-CD. According to tills analysis, the efficiency of cycloidal rotor could be improved more than 15% by the introduced methods.ĀĀȀ會ĀȀ袕ヨ⨀ニ캘Āऀ會Āऀヨ⨀ꃊ캘Āऀ會Āऀ㢖ヨ⨀〕檪؀Ā؀會Ā؀邖ヨ⨀遅뒟ऀĀḀ會ĀḀヨ⨀䃁貢ࠀĀ਀會Ā਀䂗ヨ⨀룀貢ЀĀЀ會ĀЀ颗ヨ⨀ダ貢䘀Ā會Āヨ⨀䀬冲倀Ā會Ā䢘ヨ⨀젬冲昀Ā會Āꂘヨ⨀倭冲̀Ā̀會Ā̀ヨ⨀玨Ā퀇會Ā퀇備ヨ⨀䀴펒Ā퀇會Ā퀇ꢙヨ⨀砆㾵瀀ꀏ會Āšヨ⨀㾵瀀ꀏ會Ā墚ヨ⨀蠇㾵


Cyclocopter;cycloidal blade system;blade pivot point;preset angle


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