Integration of CAE Data Management with PLM by using Product Views

제품관점을 이용한 CAE 자료관리와 PLM 통합

  • 도남철 (경상대학교 산업시스템공학부) ;
  • 양영순 (서울대학교 조선해양공학과, 해양시스템공학연구소)
  • Published : 2008.12.30


This paper proposes a product data model and associated process for CAE activities in context of integrated product development. The data model and process enable Product Lifecycle Management(PLM) systems to integrate currently separated CAE activities into the main product development process. The product view concept in the proposed product data model supports independent CAE activities including analysis of various alternatives based on shared product structures with design departments and seamless translation of the CAE result to design product views. The proposed model is validated through an implementation of a prototype PLM system that can integrate and synchronize CAE process with the company-wide product development process.


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