Dynamic Characteristic of A Bi-dirctional Damper Using A Tuned Mass Damper and A Tuned Liquid Column Damper

TMD와 TLCD를 이용한 2방향 감쇠기의 동적특성

  • Published : 2008.12.30


This study introduces the design of a bi-directional damper using a tuned mass damper(TMD) and a tuned liquid column damper(TLCD) and presents experimental verifications to confirm its control performance. The damper used in this study behaves as a TMD in a specific translational direction and acts as a TLCD in the other orthogonal direction. First, shaking table test is performed to investigate the coupled effect of control forces produced by TMD and TLCD. Then, the parameters that affect to dynamic characteristics of the proposed damper are quantitatively evaluated based on the experimental results. Testing results shows that the damper used in this study produces control forces coupled by TLCD and TMD, as it is excited by waves with an incident angle. Also, it is observed that the damper can be used to reduce bi-directional responses of building structures.


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