Comparison of word association between adults and children

대학생과 초등학생의 단어 연상 비교

  • 박미자 (연세대학교 인지과학연구소)
  • Published : 2008.03.31


The present study was conducted to provide Korean word association lists for adults and children which are needed in research area of false memory. Associated words, asso[iation strength, and the proportion of cue set size to the total number of associated words produced through the discrete association technique were compared between the two groups. The data showed that associated words with high strength wert same or similar but associated words with lower strength were various in the two groups. The result that adults produced larger proportion of cue set size than children suggests that adults have more typical and more convergent semantic network than children. The present data will be served as a database useful for the studies to investigate cognitive functions in memory and other related area.