A Study on the Hierarchical Structure of Color Sensibility

색채 감성의 위계 구조에 대한 탐구

  • 박창호 (전북대학교 언론심리학부)
  • Published : 2008.03.31


Previous studies, while investigating factors of sensibility, had rarely considered its internal structure. This study hypothesized that sensibility had sensational aspects and emotional aspects and the former corresponded to objective adjectives, describing attributes of objects, and the latter to subjective adjectives, describing psychology of experiencers. Forty-three objective adjectives and 21 subjective adjectives describing color sensibility were selected both by a linguistic criterion and an empirical evaluation. Factor analysis on semantic differential responses to these two groups of adjectives resulted in 5 sensational factors and 3 emotional factors of color sensibility respectively. Hierarchical structure was derived by regressing emotional factor scores on sensational factor scores. In consequence, emotional aspects were interpreted by different combinations of sensational factors. Limitations and significance of this study were discussed.