Design of Improved U-Slotted Patch Antennas with EBG Ground Plane

EBG(Electromagnetic Band-Gap) 접지면을 갖는 개선된 U-Slotted 패치 안테나의 설계

  • Published : 2008.03.31


Generally U-slotted patch antenna with PEC(Perfect Electric Conductor) ground plane is used for mobile telecommunication. However the improvement of the bandwidth is required to enlarge the capability of mobile telecommunication, In this paper, U-slotted patch antenna with EBG(Electromagnetic Band-Gap) ground plane is proposed to enlarge thr bandwidth and its radiation characteristics are investigated. To conform the bandwidth improvement, two kinds of U-slotted patch antennas with EBG and PEC ground plane are designed, fabricated, and radiation characteristics are measured. It is shown that the proposed antenna is wider than U-slotted patch antenna with PEC ground plane in bandwidth.


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