Design and Fabrication of Sputter Coating System for Ophthalmic Lens

안경렌즈코팅용 소형 Sputter Coating System 설계 및 제작에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2008.01.12
  • Published : 2008.03.31


Purpose: To design and fabricate the small sputter coating system for the Ophthalmic lens. Methods: The design of sputter target was done using macleod program for AR coating and mirror coating of Ophthalmic lens with Si target and then the sputter system was fabricated. Results: The optimum condition of AR coating with Si target was [air|$SiO_2$(81.3)|$Si_3N_4$ (102)|$SiO_2$(19.21)|$Si_3N_4$(15.95)|$SiO_2$(102)|glass], for blue color mirror coating [air|$SiO_2$(56.61)|$Si_3N_4$(135.86)|$SiO_2$(67.64)|$Si_3N_4$(55.4)|$SiO_2$(53.53)|$Si_3N_4$(51.28)|glass], for green color coating [air|$SiO_2$(66.2)|$Si_3N_4$(22.76)|$SiO_2$(56.58)|$Si_3N_4$(140.35)|$SiO_2$(152.35)|$Si_3N_4$(70.16)|$SiO_2$(121.87)|glass], for gold color [air|$SiO_2$(83.59)|$Si_3N_4$(144.86)|$SiO_2$(11.82)|$Si_3N_4$(129.93)|$SiO_2$(90.01)|$Si_3N_4$(88.37)|glass]. Conclusions: In the fabrication of sputtering coating apparatus, Dual cathode with same Ti target were coated at the same time on both sides of Ophthalmic lens to lessen the time of coating on Ophthalmic Lens and save the cost of the lens. The distance of target-substrate of cathode was variable from 12.5 cm to 20 cm. Turbo pump was used to take the whole coating process about 15 min. instead of diffusion pump. The lens holder was made to coat 2 pairs lens every coating and was rotated to get the uniformity of thin film.


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