Proposition of Copper - Foil Magnetic Sensor for the Two-axis Remote Measurement of Bending Vibration of a Non-metallic Cylinder

비금속 배관에서의 원격 2축 굽힘 진동 측정을 위한 동박 패치형 자기 센서의 제안

  • 김진기 (메디슨 프로브연구소 개발팀) ;
  • 한순우 (한국철도기술연구원) ;
  • 김윤영 (서울대학교 기계항공공학부)
  • Published : 2008.04.20


This paper suggests a non-contact sensor for measuring bending vibration of a non-metallic cylinder in two orthogonal directions simultaneously. Recent research shows that a solenoid can pick up bending vibrations of a nonmetallic cylinder based on the reversed Lorentz force mechanism if an electrically conductive patch is attached to the cylinder. In this work, pairs of specially designed patches are used to make two independent paths for the current induced by bending vibrations, which enables the measurement of bending vibrations along two orthogonal directions simultaneously. The working performance of the developed sensor was verified by using two accelerometers.


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