Elastic Modulus Prediction for Design of Sintered Aluminum by Ultrasonic

초음파에 의한 알루미늄 소결체 설계를 위한 탄성계수 예측

  • Published : 2008.07.01


The ultrasonic velocities of sintered aluminum with varying density were measured in order to deduce the mechanical properties for optimum design of the sintered aluminum. Specimens with different densities were prepared by the plasma activated sintering machine. The density distribution of sintered aluminum becomes partially inhomogeneous because of the friction between the powder and the die during compaction. The elastic moduli are increased as the ultrasonic velocity is increased. Furthermore, Poisoon's ratio is depending on not only the density but also the size and distribution of voids. As the specimen's thickness increases, the center frequency in the frequency spectrum of the reflection wave is shifted to the low frequency. The attenuation coefficient of ultrasonic wave is decreased inversely as the density increased.


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