Design and Implementation of Apparel Product Support System based on SOA Environment

SOA 환경 기반의 의류 생산지원 시스템 설계 및 구현

  • 한종진 (전주비전대학 컴퓨터과) ;
  • 최동운 (원광대학교 정보전자상거래학부) ;
  • 송행숙 (한일장신대학교 건강생명정보학부)
  • Published : 2008.04.28


SOA sorts function of old applications by function unit that have business meaning, and through standard call interface, do orchestration by component unit of service. System that developed in this paper predicts production point of time when order with frugality of production raw material. And reduce original register resources purchase expense and production costs in proper stock and increase company's competitive power. Also, design and implementation production management system for many species small quantity production of SOA base that reflect this analyzing correctly company's manufacturing process and original register resources supply and demand present condition.


Service Oriented Architecture;Rich Client;Product Management System;Order Management System


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