Web Application Security using Distributed Encipherment

분산 암호화를 이용한 웹 어플리케이션 보안

  • 허진경 (호원대학교 사이버수사경찰학부)
  • Published : 2008.04.28


Quantity of encrypted data that transmitted through the network are increasing by development of encipherment technology. We have many problems; it is caused by technical development and service increase of user requests. It is necessary that create a many encryption key in one web application system. As a result, service quality comes to be low because of increased network traffic and system overload. There must be a system. That should be improved in secure service quality to process data. This paper describes a new approach for design and implementation of distributed encryption key processing for web application system. In this paper, it is based on distributed encipherment key, for the purpose of confidentially, integrity and authentication. It can prevent system degradation from server's data bottleneck and can improve service quality. For distributed encipherment system, we use java object activation technology. It can service while some distributed server are fail.


Encipherment;Web Application Security;Distributed;Public Key;Algorithm


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