Consideration Points for Mobile Conversion of Game Contents

게임콘텐츠의 모바일화 과정에서의 고려사항들

  • 유석호 (공주대학교 영상예술대학원 게임멀티미디어) ;
  • 한종성 (공주대학교 영상예술대학원 게임멀티미디어) ;
  • 경병표 (공주대학교 영상예술대학원 게임멀티미디어) ;
  • 이동열 (공주대학교 영상예술대학원 게임멀티미디어) ;
  • 이완복 (공주대학교 영상예술대학원 게임멀티미디어) ;
  • 이경재 ((주)예람)
  • Published : 2008.04.28


With the rapid development of information technologies, various types of game devices have been created. Moreover, the game contents are once created, they can be easily reused on several other devies without depending on their platform or media, which phenomena is so called as one source multi use (OSMU). Especially young gamers are good at not only playing the famous computer games but also good at using and utilizing the brand new and the latest mobile devices, they might be the major consumers in the area of mobile games in the near future. This paper discusses and proposes several points to be considered when a conventional computer game to be transformed into a mobile game. Since the points suggested are very useful when the conventional game is to be ported to the mobile devices of inferior performance, it is expected that more profits could be achieved in the market of mobile game with less investment and effort.


Mobile Game;Flash Game;OSMU;Game Contents


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