The Present State and Development Plans of Related Subjects of Leisure Sports

레저스포츠 관련학과의 현황과 발전방안

  • 송강영 (동서대학교 레저스포츠학과)
  • Published : 2008.04.28


The purpose of this study is to look around operation's present state of national universities and colleges sports and related subjects of leisure sports, and to propose the alternative and solution. I confirmed subject and major title by visiting address list of national universities and colleges which registered in education human resources department, in 2008 now. After the inquiry of that how many are the titles of sports and leisure sports related subjects in the inside of the country by using the internet and the other data, it is appeared that they use similar titles in the case of universities is about 50 and colleges is 43. As different as titles which uses by each subject, I expect the subject curriculum also be different, but actually it is not. It is appeared that the whole subject curriculum can't escape almost identical phase. we must see we can be selected in keen life competition stage. It is judged it is needed choice and concentration's decision in leisure sports related subjects.


Leisure Sports;Curriculum;Choice and Concentrationi


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