Effects of In Situ YAG on Properties of the Pressurless Annealed Sic-$TiB_2$ Electroconductive Ceramic Composites

무가압 어닐드한 Sic-$TiB_2$ 전도성 복합체의 특성에 미치는 In Situ YAG의 영향

  • 신용덕 (원광대 공과대학 전기공학과) ;
  • 주진영 (원광대 공과대학 전기공학과) ;
  • 고태헌 (원광대 공과대학 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2008.05.01


The composites were fabricated 61[vol.%] ${\beta}$-SiC and 39[vol.%] $TiB_2$ powders with the liquid forming additives of 8, 12, 16[wt%] $Al_2O_3+Y_2O_3$ as a sintering aid by pressureless annealing at 1650[$^{\circ}C$] for 4 hours. The present study investigated the influence of the content of $Al_2O_3+Y_2O_3$ sintering additives on the microstructure, mechanical and electrical properties of the pressureless annealed SiC-$TiB_2$ electroconductive ceramic composites. Reactions between SiC and transition metal $TiB_2$ were not observed in the microstructure and the phase analysis of the pressureless annealed SiC-$TiB_2$ electroconductive ceramic composites. Phase analysis of SiC-$TiB_2$ composites by XRD revealed mostly of ${\alpha}$-SiC(6H), ${\beta}$-SiC(3C), $TiB_2$, and In Situ YAG($Al_2Y_3O_{12}$). The relative density of SiC-$TiB_2$ composites was lowered due to gaseous products of the result of reaction between SiC and $Al_2O_3+Y_2O_3$. There is another reason which pressureless annealed temperature 1650[$^{\circ}C$] is lower $300{\sim}450[^{\circ}C]$ than applied pressure sintering temperature $1950{\sim}2100[^{\circ}C]$. The relative density, the flexural strength, the Young's modulus and the Vicker's hardness showed the highest value of 82.29[%], 189.5[Mpa], 54.60[Gpa] and 2.84[Gpa] for SiC-$TiB_2$ composites added with 16[wt%] $Al_2O_3+Y_2O_3$ additives at room temperature. Abnormal grain growth takes place during phase transformation from ${\beta}$-SiC into ${\alpha}$-SiC was correlated with In Situ YAG phase by reaction between $Al_2O_3$ and $Y_2O_3$ additive during sintering. The electrical resistivity showed the lowest value of 0.0117[${\Omega}{\cdot}cm$] for 16[wt%] $Al_2O_3+Y_2O_3$ additives at 25[$^{\circ}C$]. The electrical resistivity was all negative temperature coefficient resistance (NTCR) in the temperature ranges from $25^{\circ}C$ to 700[$^{\circ}C$]. The resistance temperature coefficient of composite showed the lowest value of $-2.3{\times}10^{-3}[^{\circ}C]^{-1}$ for 16[wt%] additives in the temperature ranges from 25[$^{\circ}C$] to 100[$^{\circ}C$].


YAG($Al_5Y_3O_{12}$;);Liquid-Phase-Sintered(LPS);Electroconductive ceramic composite;PTCR;Transition metal $TiB_2$$ZrB_2$


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