Operational Characteristics Analysis of Circuits with Active Element on Electromagnetic Topolgy

Electromagnetic Topology를 이용한 능동소자가 포함된 회로의 동작 특성 해석

  • 권오욱 (서울대 공대 전기컴퓨터공학부) ;
  • 박윤미 (서울대 공대 전기컴퓨터공학부) ;
  • 정용식 (광운대학교 전파공학과) ;
  • 천창율 (서울시립대학교 전자전기컴퓨터 공학부) ;
  • 정현교 (서울대 공대 전기컴퓨터공학부)
  • Published : 2008.05.01


Recently as a progress of electric technology, modern electric systems become more and more complicated. Thus, it is difficult to use a classical method to analyze responses of the systems in complicated electromagnetic environments because there are so many coupling phenomena. The electromagnetic topology (EMT) is a helpful solution to analyze electromagnetic interference / electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC) of the large complex system. In this paper, EMT is applied to analyze an active element. And then to prove the validity of this analysis, a detector circuit including Schottky barrier diode is analyzed by EMT when input power is given directly.


BLT equation;Electromagnetic Interference/Compatibility (EMI/EMC);Electromagnetic Topology (EMT);Power Detector


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