Performance Enhancement of RMRAC Controller for Permanent Magnent Synchronous Motor using Disturbance compensator

외란보상기를 이용한 영구자석 동기전동기에 대한 참조모델 견실적응제어기의 성능개선

  • 김홍철 (부산대학교 전자전기통신공학부) ;
  • 임훈 (부산대학교 전자전기통신공학부) ;
  • 이장명 (부산대학교 전자전기통신공학부)
  • Published : 2008.05.01


A simple RMRAC (Robust Model Reference Adaptive Control) scheme for the PMSM (Permanent Magnent Synchronous Motor) is proposed in the synchronous frame. A current control of PMSM is the most inner loop of electro-mechanical driving systems and it requires a fast and simple control law to play a foundation role in the control hierarchy. In the proposed synchronous current model, the input signal is composed of a calculated voltage by proposed adaptive laws and real system disturbance. The gains of feed-forward and feedback controllers are estimated by the proposed modified Gradient method respectively, where the system disturbances are assumed as filtered current tracking errors. After the estimation of the system disturbances from the tracking errors, the corresponding voltage is fed forward to control input voltage to compensate for the disturbances. The proposed method is robust against high frequency disturbance and has a fast dynamic response. It also shows a good real-time performance due to it's simplicity of control structure. Through the simulations and real experiments, efficiency of the proposed method is verified.


RMRAC;Statistical Current Model;Disturbances;Modified Gradient method


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