UHF 대역 RFID 리더 응용을 위한 주파수합성기 설계

Design of a Frequency Synthesizer for UHF RFID Reader Application

  • 발행 : 2008.05.01


In this paper a Fractional-N frequency synthesizer is designed for UHF RFID readers. It satisfies the ISO/IEC frequency band($860{\sim}960MHz$) and is also applicable to mobile RFID readers. A VCO is designed to operate at 1.8GHz band such that the LO pulling effect is minimized. The 900MHz differential I/Q LO signals are obtained by dividing the differential signal from an integrated 1.8GHz VCO. It is designed using a $0.18{\mu}m$ RF CMOS process. The measured results show that the designed circuit has a phase noise of -103dBc/Hz at 100KHz offset and consumes 9mA from a 1.8V supply. The channel switching time of $10{\mu}s$ over 5MHz transition have been achieved, and the chip size including PADs is $1.8{\times}0.99mm^2$.


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