Choi, Seul-Hee

  • Published : 2008.04.30


For $\mathbb{F}[e^{{\pm}x}]_{\{{\partial}\}}$, all the derivations of the evaluation algebra $\mathbb{F}[e^{{\pm}x}]_{\{{\partial}\}}$ is found in the paper (see [16]). For $M=\{{\partial}_1,\;{\partial}_1^2\},\;Der_{non}(\mathbb{F}[e^{{\pm}x}]_M))$ of the evaluation algebra $\mathbb{F}[e^{{\pm}x},\;e^{{\pm}y}]_M$ is found in the paper (see [2]). For $M=({\partial}_1^2,\;{\partial}_2^2)$, we find $Der_{non}(\mathbb{F}[e^{{\pm}x},\;e^{{\pm}y}]_M))$ of the evaluation algebra $\mathbb{F}[e^{{\pm}x},\;e^{{\pm}y}]_M$ in this paper.


simple;Witt algebra;graded;radical homogeneous equivalent component;order;derivation invariant


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