Antiferromagnetically Exchange-coupled Two Phase Magnets: Co/Co2TiSn

  • Kim, Tae-Wan (Department of Advanced Materials Engineering, Sejong University) ;
  • Oh, Jung-Keun (College of Architecture, Konkuk University)
  • Published : 2008.06.30


The objective of this paper is to review the magnetic and magneto-transport properties of Co/$Co_2TiSn$ consisting of two metallic magnetic phases that are antiferromagnetically exchange-coupled at the phase boundary. The bulk Co/$Co_2TiSn$ system, which has a $Co_2$TiSn Heusler alloy precipitates in the hexagonal Co matrix, showed an unusual coercivity change with a concurrent change in temperature, and was modeled on the basis of a wall formation caused by exchange coupling at the phase boundary. For measurements of magneto-transport properties, Co/$Co_2TiSn$ thin films that had two-magnet phases were deposited using a magnetron sputtering system with a composite target. The magnetization process in the films is also explained on the basis of the model of wall formation at the phase boundary. Annealed Co/$Co_2TiSn$ films showed a 0.12% GMR effect, indicating the scattering of polarized conduction electrons due to the antiparallel exchange coupling at the phase boundary. The scattering process of conduction electrons at the phase boundary was modeled with relation to the magnetization process.


two phase magnet;antiparallel exchange;wall formation giant magnetoresistance


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