Electrical Properties of SrRuO3 Thin Films with Varying c-axis Lattice Constant

  • Chang, Young-J. (ReCOE & FPRD, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University) ;
  • Kim, Jin-I (Department of Physics, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) ;
  • Jung, C.U. (Department of Physics, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
  • Published : 2008.06.30


We studied the effect of the variation of the lattice constant on the electrical properties of $SrRuO_3$ thin films. In order to obtain films with different volumes, we varied the substrate temperature and oxygen pressure during the growth of the films on $SrTiO_3$ (001) substrates. The films were grown using a pulsed laser deposition method. The X-ray diffraction patterns of the grown films at low temperature and low oxygen pressure indicated the elongation of the c-axis lattice constant compared to that of the films grown at a higher temperature and higher oxygen pressure. The in-plane strain states are maintained for all of the films, implying the expansion of the unit-cell volume by the oxygen vacancies. The variation of the electrical resistance reflects the temperature dependence of the resistivity of the metal, with a ferromagnetic transition temperature inferred form the cusp of the curve being observed in the range from 110 K to 150 K. As the c-axis lattice constant decreases, the transition temperature linearly increases.


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