Motion Vector Recovery Scheme for H.264/AVC

H.264/AVC을 위한 움직임 벡터 복원 방법

  • 손남례 (호남대학교 인터넷소프트웨어학과)
  • Published : 2008.05.31


To transmit video bit stream over low bandwidth such as wireless channel, high compression algorithm like H.264 codec is exploited. In transmitting high compressed video bit-stream over low bandwidth, packet loss causes severe degradation in image quality. In this paper, a new algorithm for recovery of missing or erroneous motion vector is proposed. Considering that the missing or erroneous motion vectors in blocks are closely correlated with those of neighboring blocks. Motion vector of neighboring blocks are clustered according to average linkage algorithm clustering and a representative value for each cluster is determined to obtain the candidate motion vector sets. As a result, simulation results show that the proposed method dramatically improves processing time compared to existing H.264/AVC. Also the proposed method is similar to existing H.264/AVC in terms of visual quality.


H.264/AVC;Error Concealment;FMO;Interleaving;Average Linkage Algorithm


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