Performance Analysis of Cache and Internal Memory of a High Performance DSP for an Optimal Implementation of Motion Picture Encoder

고성능 DSP에서 동영상 인코더의 최적화 구현을 위한 캐쉬 및 내부 메모리 성능 분석

  • 임세훈 (숭실대학교 정보통신전자공학부) ;
  • 정선태 (숭실대학교 정보통신전자공학부)
  • Published : 2008.05.31


High Performance DSP usually supports cache and internal memory. For an optimal implementation of a multimedia stream application on such a high performance DSP, one needs to utilize the cache and internal memory efficiently. In this paper, we investigate performance analysis of cache, and internal memory configuration and placement necessary to achieve an optimal implementation of multimedia stream applications like motion picture encoder on high performance DSP, TMS320C6000 series, and propose strategies to improve performance for cache and internal memory placement. From the results of analysis and experiments, it is verified that 2-way L2 cache configuration with the remaining memory configured as internal memory shows relatively good performance. Also, it is shown that L1P cache hit rate is enhanced when frequently called routines and routines having caller-callee relationships with them are continuously placed in the internal memory and that L1D cache hit rate is enhanced by the simple change of the data size. The results in the paper are expected to contribute to the optimal implementation of multimedia stream applications on high performance DSPs.


High Performance DSP;Motion Picture Encoder;Cache;Internal Memory;SW Optimization


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