u-Mart Network using RFID/USN based Movement-Reader Device for Effective Shopping of Customer

고객의 효율적인 쇼핑을 위한 RFID/USN 기반 이동형리더기를 이용한 u-마트 네트워크

  • Published : 2008.05.31


RFID/USN is considered important basic infra of ubiquitous community and tried practical adaption through various research. Specially, there is during researcher progresses for stock and state management of logistics to let you get at u-mart systems. It discern thing from warehouse to deliver as adhere RFID tag of palette in keeping unit of article and construct form of thing to analyze information of environment status using sence module based on function of wireless communication. in the paper, propose composition of customer satisfaction system using RFID chip in u-Mart status management system based on RFID/USN and according to analysis specific information of commodity, propose movement reader device to offer real-time information from customer. And it presents the improvement program for the provision of product information which is appropriate uses the RFID chip and the provision of control information in the customer who is a core of consuming.




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